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UCR’s central e-mail system is web-enabled and designed to meet the increasing need of UCR faculty, students, and staff to securely and easily access UCR e-mail from anywhere in the world. UCR e-mail also provides campus users with important tools aimed at lessening the annoyance associated with spam and helping to address the growing threat from computer viruses that are spread via e-mail messages.

Every UCR faculty and staff member is eligible for a free e-mail account, which is established automatically once a UCR Net ID has been obtained. Student email accounts are automatically created when the Statement of Intent to Register is submitted (students should visit the Student E-mail service page for more information). Once your account is established, you can access your e-mail whether you are on campus or off. You may use Eudora, Outlook or virtually any other e-mail program to read and send mail. You may also use Webmail to access your e-mail from home or abroad from any internet-connected computer.


  • Worldwide web enabled e-mail access from any browser running on a computer connected to the Internet.
  • Server-side anti-virus software that eliminates most viruses before e-mail is delivered to your inbox.
  • Server-side anti-spam software that helps manage spam by ranking the probability that a particular message is spam.
  • Up to 2 gigabytes of disk storage for faculty who wish to store their messages on a server.
  • Up to 500 megabytes of disk storage for staff who wish to store their messages on a server.
  • Anti-Spam Features: Spam Tagging, Realtime Blocking Lists (RBL), Graylisting, and SMTP Authentication.

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